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UAE Learning Network Member Spotlight: Lara Matossian

What are your professional interests?

- Bringing the sciences and arts together
- Raising awareness for the importance of scientific literacy
- Creating and inspiring awe and wonder for science through the arts and culture
- Promoting STEAM education
- Creating opportunities for student engagement in real life growth experiences
- Creating an online space for curating third culture conversations and content
- Creating community and global initiatives that raise awareness for Intelligent Optimism
- Inspiring youth to think of themselves as Cosmic Citizens
- Promoting collaboration


What are your areas of expertise?

- Events management
- Public speaking and moderating
- Teaching and training
- Performing
- Public Relations


Where do you currently work?

SciFest Dubai


What can members gain from connecting with you?

Access to:
- SciFest Dubai
- Cafe Scientifique Dubai
- Intelligent Optimism
- And everything it means to be a part of being part of true innovation driven by passion and a single-minded desire and determination to contribute to bringing the future to the present.


What do you want to gain from connecting with members?

I run SciFest Dubai and we actively seek the involvement of and collaboration with students, educators, and educational organizations.


Describe yourself in three words

Passionate, driven, innovative


Share your other professional pages below

- SciFest Dubai:
* website:
*Facebook page:
- Cafe Scientifique Dubai:
*Facebook group:
*Facebook page:
- Intelligent Optimism:
*Facbook page:
- Lara Matossian



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